Unscripted Posing App for photographers, save $20 coupon code.

Today I’m taking a break from my normal sharing of beautiful client images to tell you about an app (on iPhone and android) that is a total game changer for my business! So photographers (and aspiring photographers!), be sure to take note, this ones for you! 😘

And if you’re here just to know what the discount code is, here it is right up front— just enter marybergphotography (all one word, lowercase) in the box that says “have a referral code” so that you can save $20 off the one year access!!!

In 2019, I found out about an app called UNSCRIPTED and you guys, its AMAZING!

So what is it?

Its an all-in one platform for photographers.

Create client galleries.

Worlds largest library of poses and prompts.

Book dream jobs.

Manage your business, invoices, questionnaires, and contracts.

And so much more including a sun tracker!

This app has been a game changer for my photography!

I used to search Pinterest for poses, but they had no life or emotion in them. I wanted to capture emotion for my clients! An I now am able to do that!

So now that you know what this app and what it has to offer, I’m obviously going to share how this has elevated my OWN business as a lifestyle photographer! Being able to peruse the app right before a session and look at poses and prompts I want to try out in a session is a game changer. I basically think of this app like a little mini refresher study guide to keep things fresh in my mind. As someone who does it all (babies, weddings, couples, families, etc), it’s helpful to be able to use this app to help me “switch gears” so to speak! I can shoot a portrait session in the morning and then a family at night and be able to look at the app before both sessions to have the poses and prompts I want to use fresh in my mind without any stress!

Now I hear what you may be thinking— how do I look like a professional if I pull out my phone during a session to look at a phone!? Well, you don’t have to do that friends! You can do what I do; which is to use it before a session just to get inspired and have the refresher, and then if you wanted to bring it out during the session, you can, once your clients are at ease. Now how do I do this? I usually explain what I’m going by saying “hey, there’s this super awesome pose I wanted to try out with you, but let me show you a photo so ya know what I’m going for!” Since I’m only one person, it’s sometimes hard to describe to a couple what I want them to do, and having the photo as a visual reference for what I’m going for is SO handy! You guys, we’re all people. We all have our systems for how we run sessions, and trying to memorize poses and prompts isn’t always super realistic, so usually clients 100% will understand (and be excited!!) if you want to try something new or different out with them!

I’m not saying to do this for every single pose you want to do, and I still 100% highly recommend having your systems in place for posing, but it’s totally cool to take out your phone/app every now and then to show a client one or two specific new poses ya want to try. I don’t think any client will ever fault you for wanting to give them the best photos ever!

On most occasions during sessions, I do not even need to use the app, because as I'm saving these photos and looking them over before the session, I find I do not need the app, but there are times when I'm stuck and need to see what poses I had planned for this session.

So friends… what are you waiting for? This app has SO much power. Just look at what it’s done for me with several sessions below:

Submit poses and get featured

You can also submit your own work to get featured on the app, its all about photographers helping other photographers! Which I think is amazing! I got this featured badge for submitting a best friends pose, I haven't submitted much, but I have been taking advantage of all the poses available to me!

I can say with 100% certainty that I would not be where I am in my photography journey if it wasn't for the app!

What are you waiting for!? Go download unscripted now from your App Store, and be sure to sign up for the yearly access to save $20 with my personal discount code! Just enter marybergphotography in the box that says “have a referral code” so that you can save $20! Woo, score! Who doesn't love a good discount code, am I right!? 🙌🏻😍